Sunset from our balcony & supper at Amazonia
October 28, 2010
Sun: Radisson Aruba Resort, Passions Beach Bar & Restaurant
Mon: ABC Jeep Tour & California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Natural Bridges & Gold Mine, Ostrich Farm & Baby Beach, sunset cruise & Smokey Joes
Tue: Ayo Rock Formation & Donkey Sanctuary, Boca Prins & Fontein Cave, Guadirikiri Cave, Café Rembrandt, Bon Bini Festival & El Gaucho
Wed: SNUBA on the Antilla shipwreck, Pelican's Nest & Aqua Grill
Thur: Fort Zoutman Museum, Submarine Atlantis
Fri: Aruba Aloe Factory,  Palmera Rum & Zeerover Bar, cemeteries, churches & Casabari Rock, Screaming Eagle
Sat: Old Dutch Mill & Bubali Bird Sanctuary
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Parasailing in Aruba
Parasailing of Palm Beach

Thursday continued

Back at the hotel, we swam in the ocean for a while. Linda was pleased with how easy it was to stay afloat. Even though the water got too deep to touch bottom within 60 feet of shore, we went way out to the edge of the marked swimming area.

Back in the room, we enjoyed watching the sun go down from the balcony, while sipping the champaign the hotel manager had sent up earlier in the week. Linda enjoyed taking more sunset and parasailing photographs.

Sunset from our balcony at the Radisson

For supper, we walked to Amazonia Churrascaria which was next door to the Aqua Grill where we dined the night before. We had received a 10% off coupon with our check the night before. Amazonia is a Brazilian Steakhouse where gauchos carry skewers of grilled meats to the tables and carve off as much as you like.

The meal began with our visiting a 50 item seasonal salad bar where my favorite dish was a goat cheese. Hot side dishes (I particularly liked the garlic mashed potatoes) were brought to the table and when we turned the marker green side up, they started bringing 13 different grilled meats and pineapple to the table. My favorite meats were the BBQ chicken wings, lamb, and rib eye.

The service was the best we had in Aruba. They were very attentive and helpful - making sure what meats we wanted next and quick to change our plates for fresh ones. When Linda dropped her fork, I swear that a server was handing her another one as it was hitting the floor.

I enjoyed this meal a great deal. The price was $45 per person before the discount.

Amazonia Churrascaria
Amazonia Churrascaria

Amazonia - Aruba
Amazonia dining room

Following the meal, we walked a block back to the Radisson, than enjoyed walking at night along the sidewalk between the hotels and the beach.

Radisson pools at night - Aruba
Radisson pools and grounds after dark

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