Flights Home - Sunday March 31

Sunday, morning came way too early. Europe changed to "summer time" that morning, so an hour was lost, and my flight off Jersey was scheduled for 7AM. British Air had cancelled the flight I had planned for latter in the morning so BA ended up having to purchase a seat for me on British European. Auch more comfortable than the BA flight out to Jersey.

The early British European flight took me to Gatwick and left me with an 4 hour layover which I used to catch up on the Internet, have a pleasant meal and attend an Easter morning service in the Gatwick airport chapel. The service was sweet.

The only interesting thing during the rest of the trip was when the clouds below the airplane parted over Greenland. The scenery was spectacular, though I suspect that was as close as I ever care to get to it.:-)

Greenland glaciers
Greenland glaciers from the air

Greenland glaciers

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