London - Tuesday March 26

Part 1

After a brief breakfast in the hotel, I was off to the London Eye for my 9AM "flight." I enjoyed the view, but really don't think it is worth giving up the opportunity to do other things in London with the same time.

When the car comes by to be loaded, instead of stopping, they line people up 2 or 3 deep, to step on as it passes. They can stop the wheel for people that have difficulty boarding.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Houses of Parliament

London Eye and Keith Stokes
Preparing for my flight on the London Eye

London Eye car
The next car on the Eye

Buckingham Palace as seen from the top of the London Eye
Buckingham Palace

Houses of Parliament form the air
Westminster Abbey is on the right, beyond the tower that houses Big Ben.

Interior spokes of the London Eye

Then on to walk across London's first new Thames crossing bridge that has been built in more than 100 years.

Saint Paul's Catherdral ant the Millennium Bridge
The "wobbly" Millennium Bridge - it shook too much when it opened - it closed a couple
years for repairs and reopened two weeks before this photo. St. Paul's dome in the background.

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