Saint-Malo France
Friday March 29
Part 2

François-René de Chateaubriand's tomb - Saint-Malo, France
François-René de Chateaubriand's tomb can be reached during low tide

Hundreds of people headed out at low tide to dig. Notice the swimming pool which retains water while the tide is out. Now look at the right edge of the rock in the center of the photo below (other side of the pool) and look at the next photo to see how far out the people go.

Ocean swiming pool at Saint-Malo

Close up off people in the distance from the previous photo.

Topless beach on the sheltered side of the wall around the city.

Saint-Vincent Cathedral - Saint-Malo, France
The Saint-Vincent Cathedral - built from the 11th - 18th century

Saint-Vincent Cathedral
Interior of Saint-Vincent Cathedral

I really enjoyed Saint-Malo and the wonderful shore. My shopping was limited to some chocolates and a popular Brittany area blue & white stripped hooded jersey.

Cutty Sark Bar and Pub
Another Cutty Sark figgure head on a Saint-Malo Pub

Ferry to return to Jersey.

When I arrived n Saint-Malo, the tide was much higher. At that time, from the upper deck of the other boat, we had walked out on to the tower at upper left of the photo above and down to the dock.

Lighthouse near Saint-Malo

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