Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse
Manitowoc, Wisconsin  September 30, 2006
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Manitowoc Breakwater lighthouse
Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse - completed in 1918, automated in the 1970s.

At the conclusion of the tour of the submarine, we found it had rained while we were in the boat, and there was another rainbow out over Lake Michigan. There is a hint of the rainbow in the photo of the lighthouse above. That rainbow never went completely away until sundown an hour and a half later.

I drove a half mile east to photograph the Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse - one of the more impressive breakwater lights. The harbor was full of fisherman, fishing from the banks for salmon. Only a couple of fisherman appeared to have caught any, but those each had several 10-15 pound fish.

The breakwaters go on for a long way at the Manitowoc harbor, and it was about a half mile walk out to the light. Just as I got to the foot of the last causeway, it started raining again. I took a couple of quick photos, but the rain started to come down harder. It was about 50 degrees and slightly windy, so I decided to give up on the light and head back. The rain stopped just before I returned to land.

Manitowac salmon fishing
Salmon fisherman in the harbor at Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Manitowoc Breakwater lighthouse
Manitowoc Breakwater lighthouse

Manitowoc Breakwater lighthouse lantern room has a Fifth Order Fresnel lens.

Manitowoc breakwater lighthouse

Great blue heron
Another Manitowoc fisherman - a Great blue heron

Salmon in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Some of the more successful fisherman leaving the Manitowoc harbor with their catch.

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