USS Cobia
Manitowoc, Wisconsin  September 30, 2006
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WW2 USS Cobia submarine
USS Cobia submarine docked next to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum

During WW2, the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company built 28 submarines. The only submarines to be built in the Great Lakes.

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum has a similar WW2 GATO class submarine, the Cobia, but it was built by the Electric Boat Company of Groton, Connecticut. At 311.9 feet long, with a beam of 27.3 feet, the Cobia may sound large for a crew of 80, but it would have been extremely crowded. And there were only 2 heads (rest rooms)!

The Cobia submarine has been docked at Manitowoc since 1970. It is in amazing condition, as it is maintained not just by the volunteers at the museum, but by Naval Reserve units that regularly drill on board the submarine. Three of the four diesel engines are currently functional and they think the fourth one will be operating within the next year.

The tour of the WWII submarine takes about 45 minutes, and the docent leading our group did a good job, but there were too many people for real photo opportunities. One person on the tour became anxious when we went on the deck, and returned to the museum without going below deck. The interior of the Cobia is cramped and it takes dexterity to pass through the hatches. There are many opportunities to bump your head.

40 millimeter submarine deck gun
40 millimeter deck gun on the bow of the Cobia

20 millimeter submarine gun
20 Millimeter gun

submarine toilet
Officer's latrine -  it is important to operated the
controls in the correct order when flushing the toilet

submarine control room
Control room - wet side, for controlling depth

Submarine engine room
Rear Engine room

USS Cobia conning tower
The two circular hatches at left were where ammunition was stored for
the submarine deck gun..

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