Live Broadcast of Whad'ya Know
 during Keith Stokes' Wisconsin Trip
September 28 - October 1, 2006
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My flight to Milwaukee was about an hour late getting to Milwaukee. Finding the rental car counters at the Milwaukee airport wasn't easy. There were hardly any signs, and you just have to guess if you are going in the right direction. At one point there was a sign saying "rentals" with an arrow pointing toward elevators. But no sign in or outside the elevators to say which floor. I had to stop at each floor and check.

Hertz tried a new trick to get me to pay to upgrade to a more expensive car. When I said no, the clerk said the compacts were way in the back and would take longer to get my car.

The compact rental cars were an extra three rows back. Maybe 100 feet longer walk.

Beer Belly's restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Beer Belly's

I stopped for Friday Fish Fry at Beer Belly's restaurant, just a half mile from the airport. Not the greatest (I hope), but considering how late it was getting, probably the best choice. The non-smoking section was 5 tables crammed into a small, hot room in the back, and that area was only less smoky than the rest. They had some good looking shirts and sweatshirts, but I didn't want to buy clothes that were already as smoky as anything in Beer Belly's must be.

My dinner was pan fried perch & potato pancakes, with a basket of beer battered smelt for an appetizer. The smelt was pretty fishy, but the perch was good. The potato pancakes were nice as a change, but I probably would have been happier with French fries.

After dinner, I headed out to I-94 west to Madison. Or tried. Due to construction, the route to the Interstate headed east all the way to Lake Michigan, then through the downtown to I-94. At least there was little traffic that late.

I checked into the Super 8 on the northeast side of Madison, Wisconsin about midnight. It is adequate for the low price.

Monona Lake - Madison Wisconsin
Monona Lake from the Monona Terrace Convention Center

Saturday morning, I slept in, then checked out and headed to the Monona Terrace in downtown Madison. The conference center is on the shore of Monona Lake. I checked in with the Whad'ya Know staff and picked up my ticket. It was an hour early and there were only about 30-40 already in the line for the show.

While waiting in line, everyone is offered a file card, where they can write a question for Michael to read. I think a lot of the audience is unaware, that Whad'ya Know provides coffee and donuts in a room off the hall.

There is no reserved seating, and I was able to pick out a seat in the front row near the center. The theater is intimate and reminds me of a college lecture hall.

Whad'ya Know stage
"Whad'ya Know?" stage before the show.

Wha Know licence plate

Whad'ya Know Town of the Week Map
The famous map of the United States used to select the "town of the week."

The other time I saw the show, I assumed that photos would not be permitted and didn't take my camera so I wouldn't get in trouble. This time I knew better, had my camera, and took dozens of photos.

The Band (John Thulin and Jeff Hamann) played for about 20 minutes before the show's 10 AM start. About 5 minutes out, the host - Michael Feldman - warmed up the crowd and gave us instructions. As I noticed the first time I attended a broadcast, it felt more like the show was being put on for us, rather than for the live National Public Radio network broadcast.

John Thulin and Jeff Hamann performing during Whad'ya Know  station break
John Thulin and Jeff Hamann

Jim Packard and Michael Feldman on Whad'ya Know  stage.

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