Wild Chicken walking through Coconuts
Coconuts bar on Isla Cozumel
February 11, 2006

Day 1 - Cozumel
Day 2 - Tulum, Coba & Playa del Carmen
Day 3 - Isla Cozumel, Coconuts & San Gervasio
Day 4 - San Miguel, El Mercado & presentation of 
              Carnival Royal Court
Day 5 - Atlantis submarine dive
       Wilma damage

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And on to the highlight of the day, Coconuts. This famous bar and restaurant is on what I think is the highest point on the east side of Isla Cozumel. The bar is circular and open to the ocean or forest for about 300 degrees of the circle. The remaining part has a clean looking kitchen. Coconuts gets its power from the sun (and wind?) and is only open during the daytime. It is very laid back. There are a couple of dogs, wild birds in a large enclosure, and I even saw a chicken wander past.

People bring T-shirts and other items to sign and hang on the ceiling at Coconuts. There is 70's American music. The staff was quite friendly. I had one large (excellent) margarita and ordered food. I was really hungry (maybe low blood sugar was my problem earlier in the day) and had guacamole & chips, two fish tacos, and two shrimp tacos.

While waiting, I looked through a couple of their photo books of women who had visited the bar and had photos taken showing their coconuts. Their faces and big grins were more interesting than the coconuts, but I think taking off their shirts brought out the grins. A couple had their faces covered and that was no fun at all. There were some group photos of guys and gals mooning the camera.

The food was fine, but that wasn't the point. I ordered soda (since I didn't have a designated driver) and hung out for nearly 2 hours. Even bought a T-shirt which my best friend promptly stole to use as a nightshirt.

I visited Coconuts again during my 2007 trip to Cozumel.

Cosonuts bar amd grill

Dog sleeping in Coconuts bar on Cozumel
Dog sleeping in Coconuts bar

kitchen at Coconuts bar on Cozumel
Coconuts' kitchen


fish tacos and shrimp tacos Coconuts
fish tacos & shrimp tacos (photo books at right)

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