Estructura Chichan Nah at San Gervasio
Estructura Chichan Nah
San Gervasio & San Miguel del Cozumel
February 11, 2006

Day 1 - Cozumel
Day 2 - Tulum, Coba & Playa del Carmen
Day 3 - Isla Cozumel, Coconuts & San Gervasio
Day 4 - San Miguel, El Mercado & presentation of 
              Carnival Royal Court
Day 5 - Atlantis submarine dive
      Wilma damage

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Back in the car, it wasn't much farther to the road back across the Cozumel island. Along the way I stopped at San Gervasio to see the Mayan ruins. This little park is both smaller and more expensive than Tulum or Coba. 22 pesos paid at one station, then 30 some more at a second check point. At least the parking at San Gervasio was almost free, there are men providing security in the parking area for tips.

San Gervasio

San Gervasio isn't nearly as well preserved as two I visited the day before. Most of the remains are only a few feet high. But they still have charm. There is a nicely preserved arch and there are narrow Sacbe (white roads built by the Maya) running from one building to the next. Also lots of iguanas, the largest over 3 feet long. I took as many photos of them as of the buildings.

I took care to apply Cutter (bug spray) as soon as I arrived at San Gervasio, but ended up with another half dozen bug bites on my legs the next morning.

Mayan arch at San Gervasio, Cozumel
Arch over sacbe (white road) dates to the Post Classic period (1200-1650 A.D.)

sacbe (white road) in Cozumel
sacbe leading to Estructura Nohoch Nah. This stretch had many iguanas and
other lizards. When I sat still, I could hear the iguanas moving through the forest

Estructura Nohoch Nah at San Gervasio
Estructura Nohoch Nah - this temple was built in two stages. The platform was built about 1,000 years
ago, but the building was built 2-600 years later

Estructura Los Murales at San Gervasio on Cozumel
Estructura Los Murales - The Mural structure was named for fragments of murals found within. It dates
to the Post Classic period (1200-1650 A.D.)

Mayan sacbe at San Gervasio
 Narrow sacbe between structures

Back in San Miguel, I had the car fueled. This time there was only one man and he didn't wash the windows, but I still tipped. After adjusting for liters and pesos, the cost of fuel was about the same as home. Then I skirted the edge of town with a stop at the Chedraui supermarket to take advantage of having a car.

Back at the hotel, my third request for a refrigerator had worked, and I filled it with drinks. Then showered and freshened up for the evening. I returned the car with no problems at about 6 PM, then walked the tourist area for a while. Cozumel had worked its charm and I was in a good mood and greeting the shopkeepers with "hola" before they got the chance. I figured I owed the area some smiles.

After walking for a while, I decided it was time for conventional food and stopped at Senior Frogs. The music was loud and raucous, but didn't sound as loud in the dining area where the wind was coming in and picking up. The BBQ ribs & chicken were ordinary at best, and I had an overpriced glass of (not fresh squeezed) orange juice. But I was in a good mood and enjoyed watching the lighted cruise ships on the water.

Senior Frogs
Dining at Senior Frogs

While I had supper at Senior Frogs, the wind kept picking up and the cruise ships left in what seemed like a hurry. The wind coming into the restaurant became a real problem. The other diners and I all hurried to finish and leave, but I wasn't fast enough. By the time I got downstairs, it was raining and starting to rain harder. I waited out the worst of a driving rain for about 20 minutes before catching a cab back to the hotel for the night. 

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