Nassau, Bahamas
February 10, 2013

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Historic Fort Charlotte - Nassau
Fort Charlotte - Nassau, Bahamas
Fort Charlotte

Sunday - day 4 (continued)

Returning to the taxi, we rode through neighborhoods we had never seen before, and Mr. Ferguson pointed out unusual things about the Bahamas' schools and government buildings. 

Our next stop was historic Fort Charlotte, the only fort of real size on the Island. Fort Charlotte was built in 1789 by Lord Dunmore and named in honor of King George III's wife. Like the other two forts, it turned out to be an effective deterrent to attack and the fort was never involved in battle.

The walk across the hill from the parking lot to Fort Charlotte offers sweeping views of Nassau and the harbor. A dry moat surrounds Fort Charlotte and admission is over a wooden bridge on the north side. 

My favorite part of the tour was the 19th Century graffiti on the interior walls of the fort. Some of the work was very elaborate.

Fort Charlotte and cruise ships
View from the bleachers built at the top of Fort Charlotte

Five cruise ships - Nassau Harbor, Bahamas
Cruise ships

A different view of Paradise Island Light (Prints & greeting cards)

Fort Charlotte Well
The well inside Fort Charlotte was originally 100' deep

Early 1800s warship graffiti of an armed brig in Fort Charlotte in Nassau, the Bahamas. 
British soldiers posted to Fort Charlotte created a great deal of graffiti on the interior walls of the fort.
This one may be 1827, the graffiti marked A. Bartlett 1850 is believed to be more recent. (Prints & greeting cards)

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