Nassau, Bahamas
Exploring the downtown
February 9, 2013

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Tugboats and cruise ships in the Nassau, Bahama harbor
Christ Church Cathedral - Nassau, Bahamas
Wedding ceremony in Christ Church Cathedral

Saturday - day 3

Having been very unimpressed with the breakfast at the British Colonial Hilton, we elected to have breakfast across the street at Dunkin' Donuts. It was more enjoyable, faster and so much cheaper.

This was our day to explore the Nassau downtown. Our first stop was the nearby Christ Church Cathedral, which is open during the daytime on Monday through Saturday. We intended to tour the church, but there was a wedding in progress and we did not go in.

We went on to the Nassau Straw Market, which is billed as the largest straw market in the world. I don't know about that claim, but there were many times more mass produced, generic souvenirs than handmade Bahamian crafts.

Nassau Straw Market
Straw Market

Nassau Straw Market booths
Vendors in the Nassau Straw Market

Linda shopping in the Straw Market

Weaving straw in Nassau, Bahamas
Straw Weaving

After exploring every aisle, we left without making any purchases and walked along the waterfront on Woodes Rodgers Walk to Festival Place, the entrance and exit of the cruise port. Surprisingly, we found the booths and shopping to be a bit more interesting there, but still left without making any purchases.

Going back up the other side of Woodes Rodgers Walk, we visited more conventional shops and stopped for lunch at Sharkeez Tiki Bar. Linda had grilled salmon and I had the sea side seafood platter. They messed up the order and my side dishes never came, however the food was quite good. I was unable to get the server's attention in time to request the sides, but when we told them when it came time to pay, the management was very apologetic, taking off part of the meal cost out of the check and offering free drinks.

Nassau Bahamas Tugboats
Nassau working tugboats

HMBS Nassau (P-61) is one of two patrol boats operated by the Bahamian military.

Grilled Salmon ($21)

Sea Side Seafood Platter - grilled lobster, conch, shrimp and fresh catch of the day served with
remoulade and calypso sauces ($30)

I took photos of the harbor while we were waiting for our food at Sharkeez. To my uneducated eyes, this boat looked
like it was one good wave away from sinking.

Linda is shopping for handmade coconut shell jewelry. That is the artist behind the table at the left.

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