Nassau, Bahamas
Christ Church Cathedral
February 9, 2013

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Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral - Nassau, Bahamas
Christ Church Cathedral

Saturday - day 3 (continued)

We returned to Christ Church Cathedral which was now empty. It is the Cathedral of the Anglican/ Episcopal Diocese of The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The first church was built in 1670. The present Christ Church Cathedral was began in 1754, changed many times and restored in the 1990s. 

Their are no tombs in Christ Church Cathedral, but the walls have memorial plaques and engravings dating back to the 1800s. Ashes can be interred in a columbarium in the Garden of Remembrance.

There have been pipe organs in the cathedral since 1864. Two new organs were installed in 1986 and there are 5 organists. The great organ has 3 manuals, 64 ranks and 3200 pipes.

The mahogany pews are replicas of the originals (Prints of this photo)

Christ Church Cathedral stained glass windows
1949 stained glass windows which depict the Crucifixion in the center panel, 
with the Empty Tomb and the Ascension in the two side panels

Great Organ of Christ Church Cathedral - Nassau, Bahamas
The pipes of The Great Organ

Captain Henry Harvey memorial tablet
Tablet dedicated to Captain Henry Harvey who died of yellow fever in 1869

1862 yellow fever memorial
Memorial to yellow fever victims from the H.M.S. Peterel in 1862

Garden of Remembrance - Christ Church Cathedral
The Garden of Remembrance on the south side of the Cathedral

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