Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas
Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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Returning to the surface by elevator, it was time to return to the highway, get gas, and head across the Texas panhandle to El Paso. My last, brief,  stops were in the Guadalupe Mountains, at the Butterfield Stagecoach stop and at the nearby national park visitors center. After the 40 MPH winding drive the evening before, I appreciated the straight roads and 70-75 MPH speed limits.

My final meal was Seafood Gallery, which is only about a mile from the El Paso airport. Seafood Gallery was OK, but nothing special.

And back to the El Paso Airport where I returned the Dodge Neon to Enterprise with 800 miles on it. They didn't make much off me at $14/day plus tax! 

Guadalupe Mountains, Texas
Guadalupe Mountains 

Guadalupe Mountains

Butterfield Stagecoach Station in Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Ruins of the Butterfield Stage Station used in the 1850s.

Texas Guadalupe Mountains salt flats
Salt flats west of Guadalupe Mountains 

Larry LaRose NASA jet aircraft
While at the El Paso airport I noticed this NASA jet assigned to Larry LaRose
(flight engineer on the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft ) & Colonel Bob Cabana
(astronaut who flew the first shuttle mission to the space station)

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