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Missile Park
White Sands Missile Range Museum
April 1, 2006

Day 1
Trinity Site
Missile Park
White Sands National Monument
Space History Museum
Lincoln National Forest
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After gassing up in Carrizozo, I headed south on US 54, paralleling the lava fields and then dessert on the road toward Alamogordo. Nice road, but for some reason it had only a 55 MPH speed limit. Without cruise control on the little Neon, it was hard not creeping up way above the limit.

For lunch, I stopped at Casa de Suenos in Tularosa. The green chili cheese burger was fairly good.

Just before entering Alamogordo, I stopped at the Eagle River Ranch. Eagle River is the oldest pistachio farm in the area I tasted several flavors of pistachios and bought some extra hot and red chili versions to take home to friends.

I skirted around Alamogordo and headed 40 miles west to the administrative area of White Sands Missile Range. The Range is enormous - 4,000 square miles.

Base security took only a few minutes, but then I was only going a few hundred yards to Missile Park and the adjacent museum. The museum has a little bit about everything, from the Native Americans, to early settlers, to the history of the base. The cameras and equipment for tracking test rockets is the most interesting.

The "park" with its many missiles, outside, didn't take long to visit, it was mainly a photo opportunity. I would love to get some pictures at Missle Park at sunset and after dark.

White Sands Missile Range Museum
White Sands Missile Range Museum

Cinetheodolite used to photograph a missile in flight and calculate location, speed and
acceleration. Operated by a joy stick.

Stinger missile and launcher
Stinger missile and launcher

Missile Park - White Sands Missle Range
Missile Park

Aeroshel Flying Saucer
Aeroshel "Flying Saucer" - a section of the Voyager Balloon System which was launched
near Roswell, New Mexico and landed on White Sands Missile Range

Mace Missile at White Sands Missle Park
Mace Missile

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