New Mexico Museum of Space History

Day 1
Trinity Site
Missile Park
White Sands National Monument
Space History Museum
Lincoln National Forest
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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New Mexico Museum of Space History

Then back into Alamogordo to drive through town. It was close to 5PM when I arrived at the New Mexico Space History Museum on the hill above the town, and it closes at 5. The cashier didn't want to let me in, but when I offered to pay anyway, she let me (and then some other people that had been looking around the lobby) in for free. 

For me, 25 minutes at the New Mexico Space History Museum was almost long enough. Although I love space and aviation, after visiting the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, the displays in this museum aren't very impressive. Many of the displays in the Space History Museum are small models and pictures of the kind of things the Kansas Cosmosphere actually has.

The most interesting display wa about the Pupniks - the Russian space dogs that were kept secret during the cold war. The rockets on display outside were nice, but I had just been to Missile Park with its more impressive display. 

Meteorites at the New Mexico Space History Museum

Astronaut William Pogue space suit
Space suit worn by Astronaut William Pogue on Sky Lab 4.

Display devoted to Pupniks - Space Dogs
Pupniks - Space Dogs, Soviet Space Heroes


V-2 rocket fragments
Portions of spent V-2 rocket.

New Mexico Space History Museum

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