Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas Historical
Society Museum
February 8, 2013

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Nassau Queen Victoria Statue Queen Victoria Statue
Bahamas Historical Society Museum - Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas Historical Society Museum

Friday - day 2 (continued) 

Leaving Fort Fincastle, we walked back down the hill to the Bahamas Historical Society Museum. It is a small museum, occupying just one large room, but admission is only $1 for adults. My favorite part of the museum was the large cartoon like panels which told much of the Bahamas' history.

After a short visit, we walked back towards the center of town, about 3 blocks away.

Bahamas Historical Society Museum gallery
The interior of the Bahamas Historical Society Museum

Blackbeard pirate history
The museum has a number of sets of cartoon like panels depicting the history of the Bahamas. This one tells
the story of the famous pirate Edward Teach, who is better known as Blackbeard

weavings in the Bahamas Historical Society Museum
Weaving is a Bahamian tradition which has been passed down from generation to generation

Nassau Bahamas Parliament Square
Queen Victoria Statue in Nassau's Parliament Square

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