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954 - 1958
Opened to vehicles November 1, 1957
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1957 Vacationland auto ferry ride

Mackinac bridge 1958 Dedication

The Mackinac Bridge Home
Mackinac Bridge construction
Moving more of the Mackinac Bridge superstructure into position.

Mackinac Bridge under construction
Cranes preparing to raise a truss section of the framework into place.

Five construction workers died during the construction of the Mackinac Bridge. Two fell approximately 550 feet from a
temporary catwalk near the top of north tower, one died in a diving accident, one fell in a caisson while welding and
one drowned after a short fall into the water. One body was not found after the two workers fell from the temporary
catwalk. Despite the popular myth, there are no bodies buried in the concrete piers of the Mackinac Bridge.

Mackinac Bridge from the air
Mackinac Bridge from the air on Labor Day in 1956. Fort Michilimackinac is at the lower left and Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse is at the right.
The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1957 when the lights on the Mackinac Bridge made it no longer necessary. It is a museum today.

Mackinac Bridge construction in winter
As the work is suspended for the winter of 1956-57, the bridge roadway is nearly completed up to the two anchorages.

Mackinac Bridge construction and greighters
Mackinac Bridge towers with two Great Lakes freighters.

Mackinac Bridge cable assembly
The cable construction continues with the wire bound
temporarily together.

Mackinac Bridge construction - Michigan
Roadway stringers being assembled in place above the truss section which had been raised near the north anchorage.

Mackinac Bridge catwalk and cable
The finished Mackinac Bridge cables are 24.5 inches thick, too heavy to be floated into place, so they were constructed in place

Mackinac Bridge constructions and barge
Temporary catwalk with cable under construction.

Looking up at Mackinac Bridge superstructure
Looking up at the metal superstructure from the anchorage.

Building the Mackinac Bridge
In the summer of 1957, roadway truss sections are suspended from the North and South Mackinac Bridge towers.

Mackinac Bridge construction
Preparing to raise a stiffening truss unit from a barge, into its position near the south end of the suspension span.

Mackinac Bridge construction and freighter
The large Great Lakes freighter passing the North Mackinac Bridge tower looks small by comparison.

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1957 Vacationland auto ferry ride

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