Kansas Nebraska Weekend
March 21-23, 2008

After staying overnight at the Salina Day's Inn, I headed northwest, with Saturday's first stop at St. John's Catholic Church in the community of Beloit. The Romanesque and Gothic style 1904 limestone building has nearly 30 stain glass windows. I previously took photos of the exterior, but couldn't photograph the interior that day, because a wedding was in progress.

I tried the front doors, but they were locked, Since the church was supposed to be open daily, I went around to the side and tried a door near the front of the sanctuary, When I opened it, there were perhaps 8 people standing together singing, and I assumed it was choir practice. I slipped by them and went to the rear of the sanctuary to quietly take a few pictures. Only to realize that it wasn't choir practice, but a mass in progress.

I flipped a dead bolt and exited through one of the doors on the front of the building.

I then drove to Glen Elder where I photographed several interesting buildings before having lunch at Long Riders Barbeque (which is recommended in the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers).

1926 service station on town square

telephone booth
I doubt that many of the folks in Glen Elder realize what a gem this phone booth is

The restaurant shares space in a municipal building. The walls have photos and newspaper clippings about outlaws. I sat in a booth next to a display about the Dalton Gang's demise in Coffeyville.

I tried a combo meal of pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage, waffle fries, and baked beans. The ribs and sausage were both very good, but I didn't finish the pork. The beans were almost identical to those I make.

sorry - this is the best shot I got of the food.

One of the reasons I tried this restaurant is that they have a jalapeno mustard sauce that they make themselves. It was OK, but I preferred the flavor of their other sauce. It was spicy and sweet, but so thin that not much would cling to the meat.

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