Keith Stokes'
Key West Trip
December 7-12, 2006

Day 1 - Naples, Florida
Day 2 - Fort Lauderdale - Key Largo
Day 3 - Big Pine Key & Key West
Day 4 - Key West
Days 5 & 6 - The trip home

My trip began early Thursday with a nonstop flight to Fort Myers, Florida on Midwest Airlines. Sherry met me at the airport and we drove up to Englewood to visit my brother and sister.

Gary & Donna were gracious (as always) and we chatted for a couple of hours while Gray treated us to shrimp cocktail, escargot and German wine. Then the four of us drove along Manasota Key, and back on to the mainland to have a late lunch at Farlows on the Water. We had a nice time eating outside - I had an interesting spicy dish of garlic mashed potatoes with seafood and cheese. Very good!

Returning to Gary & Donna's house, they loaded us with snacks (salmon, nuts & bolts, spicy cashews and sugared walnuts) for our road trip to Key West.

Then on down to Sherry's home in Naples in time to quickly change and pick up her oldest son, Tyler. The three of us went to the Naples Christmas Boat Parade. We managed to have fun, but it was pretty lame: less than a dozen modest sized boats with only a couple that had elaborate decorations and only one with a band. My favorite one was a tiny two person boat with no lights except a star about 10 feet in the air.

We went to 5th Avenue (downtown Naples) where the street was closed off for a festival. There was a pretty good crowd, but not much to do and nowhere to sit. Just a magician and about a dozen musical acts that weren't very interesting: 1 man bands, crooners, others singing along to taped music. We walked the length of the festival and back to the car.

Bruce Inman - One Man Band in Naples, Florida
This must be the world's largest One Man Band

Supper was carry out Mexican (Taco Aediente) at home while we watched Notting Hill, a favorite movie of all three of us.

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