AirFest 11 - Argonia, Kansas

Rockets launched steady all day, perhaps 20-30 an hour. Some were small, but other rose well out of sight. Some of the most interesting ones were those that didn't go right - particularly the simultaneous launch of there rockets with unusual engine configurations and ignitions, at the end of the afternoon.

John Deer Amateur rocket

Loading the parachute into a rocket

rocket drag race

Redneck Rockuhtree

Delta rocket that was spectacularly unsuccessful the following day

Taping for a documentary film about the rocket launches at Argonia.

I returned home and to the next day's work, late in the afternoon. Roger and Charlie returned the following day for even more interesting launches. Monday at Airfest is the day that only experimental rockets launch. Some of the Labor Day rockets were over 20 feet tall. More information about KLOUDbusters rocket launching events in Argonia.

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