When Pigs Fly
McPherson, Kansas

AirFest 11
Argonia, Kansas

Labor Day Weekend, 2005

On Labor Day weekend I had to work briefly on Saturday morning, and all day on Labor Day, but still wanted to get out of town for a while. So after working a bit early Saturday morning, I was on the road heading west out of Olathe, KS a bit after 8AM.

The first and main stop for the day was the McPherson Airport where my friends Roger "Pinky" Tener and John "Hooter" Myers were narrating the combination fly in and BBQ contest. 

Aside from seeing Roger and Pinky, as well as Nam Myers and Charlie McCue, my favorite parts of When Pigs Fly were the many BBQ samples brought to the announcer's tent and the blue grass music played by the Wheatland Old Timers, a pick up band made up of men who have played together occasionally for many years.

Wheatland Old Timers
Wheatland Old Timers - Charlie McCue operating the sound mixing at the right

Wheatland Old Timers folk music

Nan Myers
Nan Myers of Plane Talk Airshows

Star Tracker mobile observatory
"Star Tracker" mobile observatory built by Jim Sheets from McPherson,
Kansas on a 1976 Ford Econoline Ambulance chassis with
a 6' fiberglass dome.

mobile observatory's pier mounted Celestron C-11 telescope
 The mobile observatory's pier mounted Celestron C-11 telescope can be removed from the
Star Tracker vehicle and placed on a tripod to reduce the vibration from the vehicle.

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