Kansas Weekend
Sunset Zoo - Manhattan, Kansas
August 21, 2005

Arriving at the Sunset Zoo at 10 on Sunday morning, I had the place to myself. Didn't even see another visitor in the first 30 minutes that I spent in the zoo. The small zoo is $4 and good for about an hour visit. Most displays are modern & roomy, and the animals all appear healthy.

The baby colobus monkey kept things active for the adults

I liked the ways that they allow visitors to go into a number of the pens, with just the instructions to stay on the paths. I imagine this couldn't be done in a larger city's zoo. But the animals made me nervous a couple of times - the flamingos and some chickens that may have been just looking for handouts, but were too aggressive acting for my peace of mind.

No one wanted to let the flamingos get too close

More photos and my detailed review of the Sunset zoo at www.kansastravle.org.

Then back on the road to Olathe, stopping briefly at Grandma Hoerner's (which up until recently I had spelled as (Grandma Horner's), driving into Alma to visit Alma Creamery (also closed Sunday), and to drive past the Brown V Board Of Education National Historic Site in Topeka. Monroe Elementary School (site of the Historic Site) didn't look interesting from the outside, and I didn't go in.

The 3 block long Alma downtown has many buildings like the City Hall which was built in the 1880s.
There are also many older wooden homes in town

I returned to the I-70 by way of McFarland, where the buildings aren't as beautiful but are still interesting

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