Strategic Air & Space Museum
April 24, 2005

The last stop in Nebraska was back south along I-80 to the same exit as the Safari - the Strategic Air and Space Museum. Formerly the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum at Offutt Air Force Base. The museum was moved to this 300,000 square foot building in 1998 and renamed in 2001. The museum displays over 30 aircraft, from the tiny Goblin to the enormous B-1, B-52 and B-36. The restoration of two aircraft can be watch from a gallery.

Other air and space craft of special interest include the Blackbird, U2 Spy plane and Apollo 009. The 00 in front of the nine indicates that it was flown unmaned.

Strategic Air & Space Museum
Strategic Air & Space Museum

SR-71 Blackbird
SR-71 Blackbird

Part of the largest hanger - U-2C Lockheed Dragon Lady at top

XF-85 Goblin
XF-85 Goblin  "Parasite" fighter-escort  14' 10" long

Apollo 009 flew in suborbit for 37 minutes on Feb. 26, 1966. It was also dropped on a parachute from an airplane

Atlas-D ICBM
Atlas-D    also on display: Thor intermediate
range balistic missle and Blue Scout launch vehicle

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