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Tour of the Icebreaker Mackinaw while it was
still in operation - October 24, 2005

Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw in operation

Icebreaker Mackinaw Museum gangway
United States Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw
United States Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw docked in Mackinaw City, Michigan.
The 290 feet long icebreaker Mackinaw (WAGB 83) was built in Toledo, Ohio and commissioned December 30, 1944. It was joined by the new Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw (WLBB 30) in October 2005 and decommissioned June 10, 2006. Later that month, the final Coast Guard Crew, under the command of Commander Joseph C. McGuiness, sailed the Mighty Mac to its namesake, Mackinaw City, where it has been moored at the former dock of the railroad ferry Chief Wawatam. The crew removed much of the electronic equipment and computers, leaving shells to look much the same. At the end of June, WAGB 83 was turned over to Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum, Inc.

The Mackinaw Museum opened in August of 2006 and the photos on this page were taken that fall. Much more of the space below the Mackinaw's decks has been opened to the public since that time and new photos from below decks were taken in June, 2009.

The old Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw is available for conventions, corporate retreats, and weddings. The Mackinaw has space to accommodate about 40 people at desks, and has facilities for food preparation. The Mackinaw museum ship as hosted several Mackinaw crew reunions..

The last day the Mackinaw Maritime Museum will be open for the 2023 seasons in October 9. Admission $14 for adults and $7 for ages 6-17. Or $43 for a family including children up to 16. Hours

Main Bridge of the Mackinaw.

Gages, controls, and wheels on the USCGC Mackinaw
The chrome at top center is the voice tube to the lookout. The cane at right is for use in an electrical
emergency (to avoid electrocution). The three phones, side-by-side are voice powered.

USCGC Mackinaw
New Mackinaw

Launch of Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw
Mackinaw launch

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Mackinac Bridge

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Mackinac Island pictures
Mackinac Island

Seaplane Tour

Length: 290 feet
Beam: 74' 4"
Speed: 18.7 knots
Power Plant: Six diesel engines with electric drive, three shafts (one forward, two aft), 10,000 bhp.

Ice breaking Capability: Three feet at three knots

Icebreaker Mackinaw auxiliary boat
Auxiliary boat one.

Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw logo on deck
Mackinaw logo on the deck at the stern

Coast Guard exercise equipment
The first cabin that was opened to the public was the recreation room. The exercise equipment had been shoved to the side to leave
room for a nice, modest gift shop. This equipment has been removed since this photograph was taken in 2006.

Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw crew library books and games
The crew of the Mackinaw left their library behind.
Like many American service men and women, they liked science fiction.

Mackinac Bridge viewed from the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw
The other "Mighty Mac" viewed through the starboard conning tower.

During its later years, the Icebreaker Mackinaw had a compliment of 8 officers and 67 enlisted men and women. During World War 2, the Mackinaw had a crew of 140 and broke ice 24 hours. Post war, the Mackinaw had a smaller crew and would sometimes be permitted to freeze in the ice overnight.

Page 2 - Mackinaw below decks

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