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Page 21 - Stirling Castle 

Stirling Castle

We continued back along the Back Walk climbing up to Stirling Castle (mostly built 1496-1583). After paying the £8 admission, we joined a tour in progress then explored the buildings and displays on our own. We liked going through the Palace which is currently partially torn apart undergoing extensive renovation. I liked this castle much more than Edinburgh Castle.

King's Old Building in Stirling Castle
King's Old Building - built by James IV on the highest part of the rock in 1496

James VI statue in Stirling Castle.
figure represents James VI when he would dress as a common man to walk in the city

Stirling Castle wall

Jackdaw in Stirling Castle
Jackdaw watching us eat lunch

We had a lunch of ready made sandwiches and surprising good fresh pastries on the deck above Stirling Castle Café. We enjoyed a view so beautiful that it didn't seem real.

allace Monument on the Abbey Craig at Stirling Scotland

Wallace Monument on Abbey Craig
220 feet high Wallace Monument on the Abbey Craig 2 miles away

Stirling Scotland viewed from Stirling Castle

We turned away from the Walk and visited the information center below the castle. Then continued down hill to Argyll's Lodging, a 17th century townhouse that is included in the admission to the castle.

Then we continued down hill toward the train station, stopping whenever a plaque or shop interested us. The Oxfam thrift shop had a pretty good selection of books and music, but every ounce and inch in my carry on luggage is carefully hoarded. 

Following the leisurely walk, we returned to Glasgow on a mid afternoon train.

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