North Eastern Kansas Weekend
January 5-6, 2007

With the first warm weather in Kansas in several weeks, it seemed like a good time to get outside. 

I headed west Saturday morning, arriving at the Seabrook Tavern in Topeka just after it opened for the day at 11AM. Seabrook is known for huge hamburgers (up to 3 pounds) served on their own buns, but I haven't been as impressed by their burgers as their other food. This day I had Rocky Mountain oysters, French fries and a bomber hot dog smothered in Swiss cheese, jalapeno peppers, sauerkraut and onions.

The fries were great, but the mountain oysters weren't quite as good as the last time I stopped. I ordered a 1/4 pound dog, but they gave me a 1/2 pound. All-in-all I had too much food, but I was happy with the meal.

Beef Fries with cocktail sauce, French fries and Seabrook bomber hot dog

Then on northwest to the small community of Westmoreland, north of Wamego. At many places, all weekend, I was amazed at how much tree damage there was from the December ice storm. 

Before getting to Westmoreland, I stumbled across a nice stone arch bridge and stopped for a few photos. I wish more counties showcased their stone arch bridges like this.

Vermilion Creek Tributary Stone Arch Bridge - constructed 1870

The first stop in Westmoreland, was Scott Springs Oregon Trail Park where thousands of Pioneers forded Rock Creek in the 1800s. There is a recently erected sculpture with bronze oxen and a covered wagon. There is also supposed to be an Unknown Traveler grave marker, but if I saw it, I couldn't tell it in the snow that was still a couple of inches deep in shaded spots.

Oregon Trail Park at Scott Springs

I did photograph what is reputed to be the world's second largest, open, hand dug well. Also got photographs of the tiny county courthouse. Perhaps the smallest active county courthouse that I have seen.

Hand dug well constructed in 1914 (notice ladder at far left for scale)

Pottawatomie County Court Building (1884)

I visited the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society Museum Complex, but discovered that despite the hours listed on their brochure, website, and the door to the museum, they were closed.

There is supposed to be a waterfall just east of town, but I couldn't locate that either and wasn't able to ask about it at the Historical Society. 

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