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Keith Stokes' Scotland Trip 

Day 10 - Trip home

Monday was strictly a travel day. Tim had already checked out before I got up and was off to the Highlands to ride the Harry Potter train.

After checking out, I had some trouble finding the Citilink bus to return to the Glasgow airport, but after a little frustrated walking, caught the bus to the airport in plenty of time for the 11AM flight. I would have bought some more whisky at the duty free shop, but a pushy sales lady wouldn't leave me alone. (a friend mentioned her doing the same thing to him)

My flights from Glasgow to Chicago, and Chicago to Kansas City went fine. The menu on the return flight was similar to the trip to Glasgow. For those in business class that didn't want to watch the in-flight movies, American provided personal DVD players and a selection of movies.

I knew a lot of people on the international flight and friends Ted and Darice Poovie of the KC WorldCon bid were on both flights. 

I was home in Olathe, KS by 5PM.

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