Southwest United States
Bryce National Park
July 12, 2013

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Bryce Point - Bryce National Park
Bryce Point

Friday - day 2 (continued)

We arrived at Bryce National Park in mid afternoon. The shuttles had worked so well at Zion, that I had us go with them again. That was a mistake. We had long waits for shuttles and it meant we did not have access to our car. The combination of altitude, bad cold and lack of water (we didn't think to bring bottles from the car) really got to Linda and even a short walk was laborious for her.

Still Bryce was beautiful - it was everyone's first or second favorite location during the trip. We stopped at Bryce, Inspiration, and Sunset Points where we had vastly different views of the same two or three mile wide natural amphitheater. Nancy hiked between two of the points and the shuttle was so slow that she beat us to the next one. Bryce was made by erosion, rather than by a river, so technically it is not a canyon. The rock forms columns called "hoodoos" remind me of temple roofs in Thailand. The pink, white and red colors of the stone are striking. 

Bryce Canyon Amphitheater - Bryce National Park
Bryce Canyon Amphitheater

Uinta Chipmunk in Bryce National Park
Uinta Chipmunk (Eutamius umbrinus)

Mary Lipp in Bryce National Park
Mary at Bryce Point

Bryce National Park hoodoos
Hoodoos along the rim

Bryce National Park Point
Nancy is taking a photo in this photo - that is her in the blue shorts near the tree at top center.

Hoodoo arch in Bryce National Park
A natural arch

Linda and Keith on one of the twisted weathered trees

Weathered pine trees in Bryce National Park
Pine trees on the rim of the Amphitheater (prints available)

Bryce National ark Hoodoos

White hoodoos in Bryce National Park
I found it interesting that the apparently different types of rock, exhibit the same or similar erosion pattern.

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