Winterfest Mackinaw City
International Outhouse Races
January 20, 2024
Photos from 2009, 2016 & 2020

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2009 Mackinaw City Winter Trip Report
2008 Mackinac Island Winter Trip Report

Outhouse trophies - toilet seats
Mackinaw Pepsi International Outhouse Races in Mackinaw City, Michigan
Fans & supporters at the 23rd annual International Outhouse Races in 2016
The 2024 Mackinaw Pepsi International Outhouse Races in Mackinaw City, Michigan will be held Saturday, January 20 at 2PM at 201 South Huron Avenue. It will begin with a parade of outhouses.

The races are open to both Adult and Junior Teams and each team must have 5 people, with one riding and 4 pushing and pulling.  The Outhouse must also have a Toilet Seat and have Material to Wipe with. There is a $500 grand prize and other awards.

Most of the photos on this page are from 16th annual Winterfest in 2009 when there were 11 outhouses entered, though some outhouses were used by more than one team, so there were at least 14 teams competing. It was a gloomy, cold windy day with a wind chill below zero. There was a warming area slightly out of the wind, but the snow had melted in that area and people wanting to warm up had to stand in water.

Your entry in the International Outhouse Races is welcome. For more information call 231-436-5492.

The photos from 2016 are courtesy of Todd Hargraves. The 2016 winning entry from the Tee Pee Campground has been entered in the races for several years. The photos from 2020 are courtesy of Angie Morthland.

Outhouse Race Web Site

The 2020 Parade of Outhouses

Wee Wee Tee Pee outhouse
The 2016 winner - Wee Wee Tee Pee from Tee Pee Campground

The Shire outthouse racing sled
The Shire 2016

Capsized Crapper 2016

Poop Coupe racing outhouse from Midland, Michigan
Poop Coupe

Jail cell outhouse

Mickey's Mini Mart Outhouse from Cheboygan, Michigan

Santa Claus in an outhouse pulled by reindeer.
This outhouse was only on exhibition and did not race.

Keyhole bar outhouse entry
3rd place outhouse - "Holy Crapper" by Mackinaw City's Key Hole Bar.

Pink flamingo outhouse
Flamingo Flushers have competed for several years.

Idita Poo outhouse in 2020

Winterfest outhouse race start
These were the 2009 second place (O'Reilly's Irish Pub) and 1st place (Red Bull) outhouses - but the Red Bull outhouse was
used by several teams and I don't think this was the team that won overall. The Red Bull outhouse, which was sponsored
by Cheboygan Dental Group and Hoppie's Bar, also won Best of Show.

Red Bull Outhouse - Mackinaw City winter

Mackinaw City International Outhouse Races

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