One Day in the Door Peninsula
April 1, 2005

I flew out on United at 7AM Friday morning, changing planes in Chicago and arriving in Green Bay at 10:40AM. After picking up a compact car from Enterprise, I headed toward the Door Peninsula. 

First stop was Wequiock Falls, a 20 foot waterfall just off Highway 57. After a few photos, I continued north into Door County.

Wequiock Falls
Wequiock Falls near Green Bay, Wisconsin
The first thing I noticed about Door County was the old farm buildings. Many of the homes were old, but their out building looked even older. Many had portions built of stone, but even more would have all or part of the building built out of old logs.

The first stop in Door County was Sturgeon Bay. I drove through the downtown and past the shipyards where several freighters were being serviced, then continued a few miles out along the bay to Birmingham's, a little old bar & grill with a reputation for good hamburgers.

The cheeseburger was good. About an inch thick and served on white bread with grilled onions. Also had fresh French fries and a Wisconsin specialty - fried cheese curds.

The bartender was very friendly, asking about where I was from and what I was doing. When he found out I was going on to see some lighthouses, he directed me to a spot only a mile away for I could photograph another one.

Sherwood Point Lighthouse
Sherwood Point Lighthouse (1880) from across Sturgeon Bay

After the short detour to take some photos, I drove back through Sturgeon Bay and along the ship canal to the Coast Guard Station at the east end of the canal. There were two lighthouses - a free standing tower at the Station and an older lighthouse at the end of the pier.

Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Light Station
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Light Station (1898)

Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead Light
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead Light (1882)

I walked the length of the pier and made some photos, then returned to the car and started up the east side of the peninsula. Next stop was Cave Point Park a 19 acre county park, surrounded by the larger Whitefish Dunes State Park. 

The ground and vegetation in the park remind me a lot of Mackinac Island. The small park's most interesting features are 15-30 foot dolomite cliffs which Lake Michigan is carving away. It was beautiful that day, but I understand that it is spectacular when the water is rough and waves send water shooting toward the sky.

Cave Point Park
Cave Point Park near the town of Sevastopol, Wisconsin

Crossing to the west side of the Door Peninsula I visited many interesting little towns, continuing out to the northern end of the peninsula where ferries serve the nearby Washington Island.

Ephraim, Wisconsin
Village of Ephraim

Plum Island Lighthouse
Plum Island Lighthouse (1897) from Washington Island Ferry dock

On the way back, I sopped for an early supper at Sister Bay Bowl in Sister Bay. The restaurant is part of a 6 lane bowling alley. With it being off season, the dining room didn't open unto 5:30PM, and I joined the line of about 30 people waiting for it to open. The line was a good sign, considering how many other restaurants are available in the area.

I had a nice supper of fried perch before making the leisurely drive back to Green Bay to spend the night.

Photos from the second day of the trip at the launch of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw 

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