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Mackinac Island in winter    Fort Michilimackinac Winter

Keith Stokes and sled dogs at Boyne Highlands
Dog sled team waiting for tour at Boyne Highalnds near Harbor Springs
The highlight of our 2011 mid winter trip to Mackinaw City, Michigan was a side trip to Harbor Springs where we rode a dog sled at Boyne Highlands Resort. Dog sledding has been offered at the ski resort by Nature's Kennel of McMillan, Michigan for 6 years.

A half hour ride cost $75 and the 3 mile ride was about the right length for us. An hour ride with a short break for hot chocolate is $150. Two adults or an adult and up to two children can take the ride for one fee. The pricing is unchanged in 2013.

We had a great time. It was close to 30 degrees, so with the exception of wind on our faces at the start, it was quite comfortable. The dogs love to run and when our team was prepared for their first run of the day, they started jumping and barking. The other team joined in on the excitement. The dog sled ride was described as "like a roller coaster," but it was mostly smooth and there were only a few short bumps. We leaned into the turns, but it really wasn't necessary.

sled dogs
Dog wearing booties to keep ice from getting between the toes

Mackinac Island in winter Mackinac Island in winter

Colonial Fort Michilimackinac in winterColonial Fort Michilimackinac in winter

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Mackinaw City in winter Mackinaw City in winter

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Keith Stokes, Linda Stokes, dog sled
Keith & Linda Stokes settling in for their dog sled ride

Several of the dogs in our team will be competing in the Iditarod in a few weeks. Our musher was a young woman named Jessica Wallstrom, who is fairly new to Nature's Kennel dog sledding but has years of experience as a white water rafting guide. We also met Ed Stielstra, who is one of only 8 mushers from the lower 48 States, who will be in the 2011 Iditarod snow sled race. In 2009 Ed Stielstra was the top Iditarod finisher from the lower 48 states.

Nature's Kennel is based in McMillan in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where they offer half day, full day and moonlight dog sled rides and overnight adventures. The half day and full day rides include the opportunity to drive your own dog sled team. I hope to try that some day.

sled dogs entering the woods at Boyne Highlands
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Returning to the Michigan Dog Sledding Tours headquarters near the ski slopes

Ed Stielstra and Linda Stokes
Iditarod racer, Ed Stielstra & Linda Stokes

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Michigan Dog Sledding Tours Map

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