Keith Stokes' Costa Rica Trip
January 11, 2008
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Arenal Volcano dawn
View of Arenal from my room at Linda Del Vista Norte at 7:30AM

Viernes ­ day 3

I was up early to drive into town for my 7:30AM tour. With a few minutes to spare when I arrived in Fortuna, I stopped at a small super (market) to buy some Coca Cola Lite and some Off. This day would be the Cana Negro Tour with Sunset tours. 

Mounth ov Volcano Arenal

Horse along the hotel's drive.

I waited in front of the office until a small bus pulled up with the tourists that had been picked up at their hotels, and we headed out of town - getting only about a mile when the guide was telephoned that two tourists from another tour company were joining us.

The bus just stopped on the narrow road and the other traffic went around us, while we waited for a taxi to bring the other couple. For a half hour.

But the rest of the trip was great. 

Our guide was a young man named was Greivin. He had been a farmer, working for his uncle on a dairy farm and raising pigs. He learned English from guides and tourists visiting the farm, and this job was his dream. I don't remember the driver's name. He was accompanied on the tour by his wife and two grandchildren.

Greivin - guide with Sunset Tours.

Other tourists on the trip were two young men from Texas, a couple from Bradenton, Florida, their brother, and the couple from Arizona who finally joined us by taxi.

The first stop on the tour was 30 minutes later at Las Iguanas, next to Rio San Rafael. The owner of the restaurant has brought hundreds of iguanas to this location and they looked spectacular sunning themselves in the trees next to the restaurant and beside the bridge over the river.

Las Iguanas Restaurante
Las Iguanas Restaurante

Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana)

Young iguanas are green

Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana)
As these iguanas mature, the males turn russet and the females are a duller shade.

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