Keith Stokes' Costa Rica Trip
January 10, 2008
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Bridge crossing the river at El Templo waterfall
Bridge below El Templo waterfall.

Finally you work your way toward the La Paz River, and go down hundreds of steps, past a series of 5 waterfalls, ranging from about 85 to 130 feet high. Most places, the river is only about 20-25 feet wide, but the water moves very fast.

El Templo waterfall - La Paz Waterfall Gardens
 El Templo waterfall

Because of the spray, many people put on their rain coats to go near the bottom of the first falls. That was the only time during the entire visit to Costa Rica that I wore my rain jacket.

Magia Blanca waterfall - La Paz Waterfall Gardens
 Magia Blanca waterfall

Encantada and La Paz waterfalls
  Encantada (at top) & La Paz waterfalls - This view is actually from the highway just north of
La Paz Waterfall Gardens. That is the highway on the bridge, not a walkway.

Did I mention hundreds of steps?  - The watefall trail at La Paz Waterfall Gardens has perhaps a couple of hundred up, and 3 times that many down. I was winded by the end, probably because of the elevation. You could walk back up to the entrance, but I was happy to sit down to watch birds and a man feed bananas to coati & crab faced raccoons, while waiting for the shuttle.

White-nosed Coati (Nasua nasua)
White-nosed Coati (Nasua nasua) is in the racoon family.

Procyon cancrivorus
crab-eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus)

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